From a simple “Thank-You” to heart-warming testimonials, people recognize and support the the good work of Sandhills Student Assistance, Inc.

SSA receives many expressions of sincere and immediate appreciation for our daily efforts to help Moore County NC school children who arrive at school hungry or in other urgent need. Feeding a hungry child often produces results beyond satisfaction of immediate need. Just a few words can convey a whole lot.

As the program grew in 2015, a Union Pines High School Assistant Principal told the Pilot newspaper that food is made available to students in a manner that is sensitive to their situation.

  • “The program is very discreet with no forms to fill put and no numbers to push in the cafeteria.”

One social worker said simply and clearly,

  • “We now have a positive relationship with kids who might not otherwise speak to us”.

Other kind words of appreciation have been heard from school staff:

  • “The kids come in our area of the school looking down and leave with a smile”.
  • “Your work is such a blessing!”
  • “SSA has filled a major gap in helping school children at risk”.

 SSA also receives longer and more fully expressed testimonials.

  • “SSA has been a kind and generous supporter of the schools that I serve. This year I had a family that was displaced due to a hurricane and a family who became homeless after a fire. SSA went above and beyond my request to serve both families. They responded in a timely fashion, delivered directly to our schools and gave with a cheerful, humble spirit. Thank you to Mike and the SSA team for being a resource that we can count on!” ~ Sydrena Murchison, Moore County Schools Social Worker

  • “My experience with SSA has been very positive. Mr. Branscome's prompt response to our requests is greatly appreciated. The tangible items that SSA provides not only meets the immediate needs of some of our students but also helps to strengthen our Social Workers & Counselors’ relationships with our students. Our students know that they can turn to us for assistance when their own families may not be able to help. When our students trust us, it enables us to help them in so many ways.” ~ Matthew Regan, Moore County Schools Social Worker

  • “One specific example of Mathew 25:40 assistance making a difference occurred with one of our 8th grade students. This young man and his father had to move in with friends as they lost their residence. One of the struggles for this young man was that his clothing and other possessions were being taken without permission by an older member of the family they were living with. Mr. Branscome was able to provide a footlocker (and lock) that enabled this young man to lock up his belongings each day. This young man is very appreciative of being able to take care of his belongings and not worry about them being taken from him. Middle School is a difficult time for all kids but, in this situation, the kindness and responsiveness of SSA truly made a difference in helping to remove of the primary worries for one of our students. Thank you, Mike, and everyone at SSA!”