Cash donations are essential to the mission of Sandhills Student Assistance, Inc.

We need cash so we can provide food for children when it is needed. We need cash to purchase other items as emergencies affecting school children are brought to our attention by school social workers and staff. Meeting emergency needs for children at risk leaves no time for grant applications and reviews. We strive to be exceptionally good stewards of all donations. Our expenses for staffing are limited and relatively low by any standard. Currently, SSA spends no money on fundraising. Funds are needed also to support efficient and cost-conscious administration of the Sandhills Student Assistance operation.

The power of your donation: what a $ 1 a week or $10 or $20 a month can do

Your gift of $ 1 a week which might be spent on a candy bar from a vending machine can provide 4 protein bars per month to provide nutritious snacks to 4 children who arrive at school hungry.

Your gift of $10 a month (or the cost of a pizza) will buy 9 protein bars monthly to provide nutritious snacks to 9 hungry children.

Your gift of $20 a month (or the cost of a trip to the movies for two with popcorn) will buy monthly 3 cartons of 30 pouches of Capri Sun 100% juice drinks to provide 90 servings of juice to undernourished children at school.

Funds provided to Sandhills Student Assistance, Inc. are used for to purchase food and snack items not provided by churches. Very significantly, funds provided are also used to meet specific one-time needs of students and their families or adult guardians.